Prof. DasGupta gives lectures at three universities in India

Prof. DasGupta receives certificate of appreciation for his lecture from Prof. Soumendu Chatterjee, Head of the Department of Geography, Presidency University.

Professor Debanuj DasGupta traveled to Mumbai and Kolkata, India to give talks at three research universities. Prof. DasGupta is currently developing links between the Women’s Studies Research Centre at the S.N.D.T. University in Mumbai and the Department of Geography at Presidency University.

Here are the details of the three talks:

Title: “Understanding Gender Based Violence Across the Gender Spectrum”
December, 18, 2017.  Research Centre for Women’s Studies, S.N.D.T. University


Title. “The Geography of Transgender Rights in India.”
January, 04, 2018.  The Presidency University, Kolkata.


Title. “Towards Trans/Matters: Situating Transgender Spaces in Peri Urban Kolkata.”
January, 09. 2018.  St. Xavier’s College & University, Kolkata.