Clay Tabor

Ph.D., University of Michigan (2015)

Research Interests:


Water Isotopes

Climate Change

UConn Geography Research Cluster:

Earth System Science

Selected Publications

Tabor, C.R., Poulsen, C.J., Lunt, D.J., Rosenbloom, N.A., Otto-Bliesner, B.L., Markwick, P.J., Brady, E.C., Farnsworth, A. and Feng, R., 2016. The cause of Late Cretaceous cooling: A multimodel-proxy comparison. Geology, 44(11), pp.963-966.

Tabor, C.R. and Poulsen, C.J., 2016. Simulating the mid-Pleistocene transition through regolith removal. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 434, pp.231-240.

Poulsen, C.J., Tabor, C.R. and White, J.D., 2015. Long-term climate forcing by atmospheric oxygen concentrations. Science, 348(6240), pp.1238-1241.

Tabor, C.R., Poulsen, C.J. and Pollard, D., 2015. How obliquity cycles powered early Pleistocene global ice‐volume variability. Geophysical Research Letters, 42(6), pp.1871-1879.