Lisa Park Boush

Ph.D., University of Arizona (1995)

Office phone: 860-486-4432

Research Interests:

Paleobiology of lake systems, climate change, Ostracoda. [research website]

UConn Geography Research Cluster:

Earth System Science


GEOG 4098-002: Climate Change and Ancient Civilizations

GSCI 4999: Bahamas Field Course

GSCI 5000: Core Course

Selected Publications

Michelson, A.V. and Park Boush, L., 2017.  A quantitative inference model for conductivity using non-marine ostracode assemblages on San Salvador Island, Bahamas: Paleosalinity records from two lakes.  Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology v. 477: 27-39.

Stigall, A., Plotnick, R., and Park Boush, L.E., 2017.  The first Cenozoic spinicaudatans from North America.  Journal of Paleontology 91: 467-476.

Michelson, A.V., Park Boush, L.E., and Pan, J.J., 2016.  Discerning patterns of diversity from biogeographical distributions: testing models of metacommunity dynamics using ostracodes from the Bahamas.  Hydrobiologia, v. 766: 305-319.

Park Boush, L.E., Myrbo, A.E., and Michelson, A., 2014.  A qualitative and quantitative model for climate-driven lake formation on carbonate platforms based on examples from the Bahamian archipelago.  Carbonates and Evaporites.  v. 29: 409-418.

Michelson, A.V., and Park, L.E., 2013.  Taphonomic dynamics of lacustrine ostracodes on San Salvador, Bahamas: High fidelity and evidence of anthropogenic modification.  PALAIOS, v. 28: 129-135.

Selected Grants

RCN EarthRates:  Linking Scales Across the Sedimentary Crust. (2016).  NSF-EAR: 1659006 ($500,000)

ePANNDA:  Enancing Paleontological and Neontological Data Discovery API.  (2016).  NSF-EAR: 1541028 ($82,732)

Coordinating Office for Research on the Sedimentary Crust, Deep Time and the Earth-Life System. (2012).  NSF-EAR: 1206274 ($813,203)