Scott Stephenson

ScottStephensonPh.D., UCLA (2014)

Office: AUST 421

Office phone: 860-486-0374

Curriculum vitae

 Research Interests:

My research interests lie at the intersection of environmental change and human political and economic systems. Within this broad theme, my work focuses on projects relating to human causes of and responses to climate change in the Arctic, and international negotiations on climate mitigation, adaptation, and vulnerability. A major strand of my research explores future shipping scenarios for the Arctic with a focus on extractive resource economies, GHG and particulate emissions, and hazard risk mitigation. As a geographer, I seek to emphasize the spatial and multiscalar dimensions of environmental change while bridging methodological and philosophical divides between the social and physical sciences. One of the key implications of climate change in the Arctic is that its impacts will be felt both locally and globally, involving complex feedbacks unique to the region and driven by global economics. I believe that geographical research will achieve its greatest relevance if framed in this multiscalar perspective. Over the next few years I am interested in recruiting students with interests in linked human-environment systems and geospatial analysis.

UConn Geography Research Clusters:

Human-Environment Dynamics

Geographic Information Science and Systems


GEOG 2320: Climate Change: Current Geographic Issues

GEOG 2510: Visualizing Geographic Data

GEOG 4130: Geographical Analysis of Transportation

GEOG 5000: Research Design

Selected Publications

Stephenson, S.R., Wang, W., Zender, C.S., Wang, H., Davis, S.J., Rasch, P.J. (2018). Climatic responses to future trans-Arctic shipping. Geophysical Research Letters 45.

Stephenson, S.R. and Pincus, R. (2017). Challenges of sea-ice prediction for Arctic marine policy and planning. Journal of Borderlands Studies.

Stephenson, S.R. and Agnew, J.A. (2016). The work of networks: embedding firms, transport and the state in the Russian Arctic oil and gas sector. Environment and Planning A, 48: 558-576.

Stephenson, S.R. and Smith, L.C. (2015). Influence of climate model variability on projected Arctic shipping futures. Earth’s Future, 3: 331-343.

Stephenson, S.R., Smith, L.C., Agnew, J.A. (2011). Divergent long-term trajectories of human access to the Arctic. Nature Climate Change, 1: 156-160.