Thelma Zulfawu Abu

Dr. Thelma AbuPh.D., University of Waterloo (2021)

Office: AUST 436

Office phone: 860-486-2420

Curriculum vitae

Research Interests:

  • Global Environmental Change
  • Environmental health inequalities
  • Global health equity
  • Gender

UConn Geography Research Clusters:

Spatial Analysis of Social Issues

Human-Environment Dynamic



GEOG 2200: Introduction to Human Geography

Selected Publications

2022. Abu, T. Z., & Elliott, S. J.  The critical need for WASH in emergency preparedness in health settings, the case of COVID-19 pandemic in Kisumu Kenya. Health and Place, 76 (102841) 

2021.  Araos, M., Jagannathan, A., Shukla, R., Ajibade, I., Coughlan de Perez, E., Davis, K., Ford, J. D., Galappaththi, E. K., Grady, C., Hudson, A.J., Joe, E. T., Kirchhoff, C. J., Lesnikowski, A., Alverio, N. G., Nielsen, M., Orlove, B., Pentz, B., Reckien, D., Siders, A.R., Ulibarri, N., van Aalst, M., Abu, Z., Agrawal, T., Berrang-Ford, L., Kerr, R.B., Coggins, S., Garschagen, M., Harden, A., Mach, K.J., Nunbogu, A. M., Spandan, P., Templeman, S., Turek-Hankins, L.L.  Equity in adaptation: A systematic global review: One Earth.

2021.  Berrang-Ford, L., Siders, A. R., Lesnikowski, A., Fischer, A. P., Callaghan, M. W., Haddaway, N. R., ... & Abu, T. Z.  A systematic global stocktake of evidence on human adaptation to climate change. Nature Climate Change, 1-12.

2021.  Abu, T. Z., Karanja, D. & Elliott, J.S.  When you preach water and you drink wine”: WASH in healthcare facilities in Kenya.  Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development, 11(4): 558–569.

2020.  Abu, T. Z. & Elliott, S.J. (2020). When it is not measured, how then will it be planned for? WASH a critical indicator for universal health coverage in Kenya.  International Journal for Environmental Research and Public Health.  17(16),5746.

2019.  Abu, T. Z., Bisung, E., & Elliott, S. J.  What If Your Husband Doesn’t Feel the Pressure? An Exploration of Women’s Involvement in WASH Decision Making in Nyanchwa, Kenya.  International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health,16(10), 1763.