William Berentsen

Dr. William BerentsenPh.D., Ohio State University (1976)

Office: AUST 431
Office phone: 860-486-3664

Curriculum vitae

Research Interests:

  • Regional Development and Policy
  • Central Europe and the USA

UConn Geography Research Cluster:


GEOG 4700/5700: Geography of Contemporary Europe

GEOG 5110: Regional Development and Public Policy

Selected Publications

W.H. Berentsen and Robert G. Cromley (2013), “Regional Income Inequalities among EU NUTS 2 Regions, 1995 and 2010: Perspectives from a Geographically Weighted Approach”. Mitteilungen der Österreichischen Geographischen Gesellschaft [Annals of the Austrian Geographical Society] 155, pp. 45-60.

W.H. Berentsen (2014), "The Northeast". In: Atlas of the 2012 Election,  J. Clark Archer; Fiona Davidson; Erin H. Fouberg; Kenneth C. Martis; Richard L. Morrill; Fred M. Shelley; Robert H. Watrel and Gerald R. Webster (eds.), (Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield), pp. 127-130.

W.H. Berentsen (2015), “Landscape Eras of Upland Eastern Connecticut”. FOCUS on Geography, 58 (4), pp. 184-193.

W.H. Berentsen (2017), “Geographical Impacts of Eastern Germany’s Inclusion within the EU: 1990-2014”. In: 10 Years of EU Eastern Enlargement. The Geographical Balance of a Courageous Step. ISR Research Reports, Heft 42, pp. 65-82. (ISR - The Institute for Urban and Regional Research, Austrian Academy of Sciences).

W.H. Berentsen, (Feb. 2018), “The Northeast”. In: Atlas of the 2016 Election, Watrel, Robert H.; Ryan Weichelt; Fiona Davidson; John Heppen; Erin H. Fouberg; J. Clark Archer; Richard L. Morrill; Fred M. Shelley; Kenneth C. Martis (eds.), (Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield). ISBN: 978-1-5381-0422-4.

Future Plans

Bill will retire during summer 2019, and will teach his last classes in spring 2018. He will remain on graduate students’ committees through at least August 2019. Following his official retirement date, Bill will likely continue to publish on a range of topics on regional development in the USA and Europe.