Requirements for the B.A. in Geography

The B.A. in Geography degree requires 24 credits in 2000-level or above geography courses and 12 credits of related course work taken in other departments. Geography B.A. majors complete a basic core of courses before beginning advanced work in their special areas of interest.

Suggested Courses Prior to the B.A. major:

Geography B.A. Major Requirements:

B.A. majors complete a basic core of three courses:

  • GEOG 2100 - Economic Geography OR GEOG 2200 - Introduction to Human Geography
  • GEOG 2300 - Introduction to Physical Geography
  • one methods course (choice of GEOG 2500 - Introduction to Geographic Information Systems OR GEOG 2510 - Visualizing Geographic Data OR GEOG 3110 - Locational Analysis OR GEOG 3500Q - Geographic Data Analysis OR GEOG 3510 - Cartographic Techniques

B.A. majors must take 15 additional credits at the 2000-level or above in Geography, including at least one “W” course, in consultation with their departmental advisor.

Each student, in conjunction with a departmental advisor, has the flexibility to tailor a program to his or her individual objectives.

updated: 04-03-2019