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B.S. Major in Geography

Requirements for the B.S. in Geography

The B.S. in Geography degree requires 31 credits in 2000-level or higher geography courses and 12 credits of related course work taken in other departments. Geography B.S. majors complete a basic core of courses before beginning advanced work.

Suggested Courses Prior to the B.S. major:


Geography B.S. Major Requirements:

B.S. majors complete a basic core of six courses:

  • GEOG 2100 – Economic Geography
  • GEOG 2300 – Introduction to Physical Geography
  • GEOG 2500 – Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
  • GEOG 2505 – Applications of Geographic Information Systems
  • GEOG 3500Q – Geographic Data Analysis
  • GEOG 3510 – Cartographic Techniques

B.S. majors must take 9 additional credits in Geography, including at least one “methods” course and one “W” course, in consultation with their departmental advisor.

  • Methods courses: GEOG 2510 – Visualizing Geographic Data or GEOG 3110 – Locational Analysis or GEOG 3300 – Principles and Applications of Physical Geography or GEOG 3505 – Remote Sensing of Marine Geography or GEOG 4520 – Selected Topics in GIS

An internship program provides seniors an opportunity to apply their geographic training in state and local government and in private industry and may be included as part of any qualified undergraduate’s major program.


updated:  07-27-2015