Daniel Weiner

Dr. Dan Weiner (150)Ph.D., Clark University (1985)

Vice President for Global Affairs

Rowe (CUE) Building, First Floor

Phone: 860-486-3152

Curriculum Vitae

UConn Geography Research Cluster:

Human-Environment Dynamics

Geographic Information Science and Systems

Selected Publications

Smucker, T., Wisner, B., Mascarenhas, A., Munishi, P., Wangui, E., Sinha, G., Weiner, D., Bwenge, C., and E. Lovell, 2015. “Differentiated Livelihoods, Local Institutions, and the Adaptation Imperative: Assessing Climate Change Adaptation Policy in Tanzania.”  Geoforum, (59): 39-50.

Weiner, D. and T. Harris, 2007. “Participatory Geographic Information Systems.” In J. Wilson and S. Fotheringham (eds.), Handbook of Geographic Information Science. London: Blackwell.

McCusker, B. and D. Weiner, 2003. “GIS Representations of Nature, Political Ecology, and the Study of Land Use and Land Cover Change in South Africa.” In K. Zimmerer and T. Bassett (eds.) Political Ecology: An Integrative Approach to Geography and Environment-Development Studies. New York: Guilford Press.

Nesbitt, T., and D. Weiner, 2001. “Conflicting Environmental Imaginaries and the Politics of Nature in Central Appalachia.” Geoforum, 32: 333-349.

Harris, T., Weiner, D., Warner, T. and R. Levin, 1995. “Pursuing Social Goals Through Participatory Geographic Information Systems: Redressing South Africa's Historical Political  Ecology.” In J. Pickles, (ed.), Ground Truth: The Social Implications of Geographic Information Systems. New York: Guilford Publications.