Carol Atkinson-Palombo

Dr. Carol Atkinson-PalomboPh.D., Arizona State (2007)

Office: AUST 424

Office phone: 860-486-3023

Curriculum vitae available on Dr. Atkinson-Palombo's research site

Research Interests:

Sustainable Transportation

Sustainable Cities

GIS-based Spatial Analysis

UConn Geography Research Clusters:

Spatial Analysis of Social Issues

Human-Environment Dynamic


GEOG 1200: The City in the Western Tradition

GEOG 2400: Introduction to Sustainable Cities

GEOG 4093: Foreign Study

EVST 4000W: Capstone in Environmental Studies

Selected Publications

Hoen, B. and C. Atkinson-Palombo (2017). "Wind turbines , amenities and disamenities : A study of home value impacts in densely populated Massachusetts." Journal of Real Estate Research 38(4): 473-504.

Ahangari, H., C. Atkinson-Palombo and N. W. Garrick (2016). "Progress towards zero, an international comparison: Improvements in traffic fatality from 1990 to 2010 for different age groups in the USA and 15 of its peers." Journal of Safety Research 57: 61-70.

Garceau, T., C. Atkinson-Palombo and N. Garrick (2014). Peak travel and the decoupling of vehicle travel from the economy. Transportation Research Record: 41-48.

Atkinson-Palombo, C. (2010). "Comparing the capitalisation benefits of light-rail transit and overlay zoning for single-family houses and condos by neighbourhood type in metropolitan phoenix, Arizona." Urban Studies 47(11): 2409-2426.

Atkinson-Palombo, C.,  M., J. A. Miller and R. C. Balling Jr (2006). "Quantifying the ozone "weekend effect" at various locations in Phoenix, Arizona." Atmospheric Environment 40(39): 7644-7658.

Funded Research Projects & Appointments

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