Ken Foote

Dr. Kenneth FootePh.D., University of Chicago (1982)

Office: AUST 428

Office phone: 860-486-2059

Research Interests:

Data visualization

Multimedia cartography

Web & mobile apps

Spatial dynamics of social violence in both contemporary and historical society

UConn Geography Research Cluster:

Spatial Analysis of Social Issues

Geographic Information Science and Systems


GEOG 2410: New Digital Worlds of GIScience

GEOG 3510: Cartographic Techniques

GEOG 5810: Qualitative Methods

UNIV 1820: Maps, Mashups and the New Worlds of GIScience

Selected Publications

Ryan, Marie-Laure, Kenneth E. Foote, and Maoz Azaryahu. 2016.  Narrating Space / Spatializing Narrative: Where Narrative Theory and Geography Meet. Columbus: Ohio State University Press.

Foote, Kenneth E. 2016. On the Edge of Memory: Uneasy Legacies of Dissent, Terror, and Violence in the American Landscape. Social Science Quarterly 97 (1): 115-122. DOI: 10.1111/ssqu.12259

Vanneste, Dominique and Kenneth E. Foote. 2013. War, Heritage, Tourism, and the Centenary of the Great War in Flanders and Belgium.  In War and Tourism, eds. Richard Butler and Wantanee Suntikul, 254-272.  London: Routledge.

Unwin, David, Kenneth E. Foote, Nicholas J. Tate, and David DiBiase, eds.  2012.  Teaching GIScience and Technology in Higher Education.  Chichester, UK: Wiley.

Foote, Kenneth E. and Sylvia Grider. 2011. The Columbine High School shooting, Colorado, USA.  In Sacred Places in Modern Western Culture, eds. Paul Post, Arie L. Molendijk, and Justin E. A. Kroesen, 279-282.  Leuven: Peeters.

Foote, Kenneth E. and Sylvia Grider.  2010.  Memorialization of US College and University Tragedies: Spaces of Mourning and Remembrance.  In Deathscapes: Spaces for Death, Dying, Mourning and Remembrance, eds. Avril Maddrell and James D. Sidaway, 181-205.  Farnham, UK: Ashgate.

Foote, Kenneth E.  2003.  Shadowed Ground: America's Landscapes of Violence and Tragedy, revised ed.  Austin: University of Texas Press.

Other research interests

Dr. Foote has also been involved in a wide range of projects focusing on strengthening geography in higher education, such as:

Boyle, Mark, Kenneth E. Foote, and Mary Gilmartin.  2015. Rethinking the PhD in Geography: Introduction and Overview.  GeoJournal 80:159–168. DOI 10.1007/s10708-014-9583-5.

Monk, Janice J. and Kenneth E. Foote. 2015. Directions and Challenges of Master’s Programs in Geography in the U.S.  The Professional Geographer 67 (3): 472-481. DOI:10.1080/00330124.2015.1006537

Foote, Kenneth E. 2013. Supporting and Mentoring International Faculty: Issues and Strategies.  In International Students and Scholars in the United States: Coming from Abroad, eds. Heike Alberts and Helen Hazen, 181-198.  New York: Palgrave.

Solem, Michael N., Kenneth E. Foote, and Janice J. Monk, eds.  2013.  Practicing Geography: Careers for Enhancing Society and the Environment.  Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

Solem, Michael N., Kenneth E. Foote, and Janice J. Monk, eds.  2009.  Aspiring Academics:  A Resource Book for Graduate Students and Early Career Faculty.  Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall.

Solem, Michael N. and Kenneth E. Foote, eds.  2009.  Teaching College Geography: A Practical Guide for Graduate Students and Early Career Faculty.  Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall.