Weidong Li

Dr. Weidong LiPh.D., China Agricultural University (1995)

Office: AUST 426

Office phone: 860-486-2728


Curriculum vitae

Personal webpage

Research Interests:

Geospatial statistics, computation and analysis

Regional soil and environmental modeling

Landscape ecology and remote sensing

UConn Geography Research Cluster:

Geographic Information Science and Systems


GEOG 4515/5515: Web GIS

Selected Publications

Zhang, W., W. Li, C. Zhang, and W.B. Ouimet. 2017. Detecting horizontal and vertical urban growth from medium resolution imagery and its relationships with major socioeconomic factors. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 38(12): 3704-3734.

Zhang, W., W. Li, C. Zhang, and X. Li. 2017. Incorporating spectral similarity into Markov chain geostatistical cosimulation for reducing smoothing effect in land cover postclassification. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 10(3): 1082-1095.

Li, W., C. Zhang, M.R. Willig, D.K. Dey, G. Wang, and L. You. 2015. Bayesian Markov chain random field cosimulation for improving land cover classification accuracy. Mathematical Geosciences, 47(2): 123-148.

Li, W. and C. Zhang, 2010. Linear interpolation and joint model fitting of experimental transiograms for Markov chain simulation of categorical spatial variables. International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 24(6): 821-839.

Li, W. 2007. Markov chain random fields for estimation of categorical variables. Mathematical Geology, 39(3): 321-335.