Dr. Carol Atkinson-Palombo

The UConn School of Law’s Center for Energy and Environmental Law, along with the Connecticut Public Interest Law Journal, will be hosting a one day conference titled Climate, Carbon, and Cars.  The conference is devoted to the present and future of automobiles and their impact on climate change and the environment.

This is a great opportunity to hear and meet Michael Mann (Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science at Penn State).  He is a remarkable scientist who has been at the center of climate change research and controversy.

The final panel discussion will feature representatives from Tesla, automotive industry experts, as well as UConn’s Norman Garrick and Geography’s Carol Atkinson-Palombo.  The topic of the panel is:  The Shifting Normative Implications of Disruptive Technologies on Law, and Technology.

More information about attending the conference can be found here:  https://www.law.uconn.edu/calendar/event/2017/04/21/climate-carbon-cars